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Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with many talented men and women.  Because we specialize in remodels, it has been top priorty to work with people that know how to come into someones home as a guest and complete a high quality project with minimal impact to the homeowners life style.

I think that time has helped me find an excellent group of workers and contractors that will make your project a success.  Many of the people we deal with are small businesses and the owners are the ones doing the work on your project. 

I make every attempt to be on the job.  We are the people that are doing the carpentry and management daily.  I want to be easy to find and answer any and all questions as quickly as possible.  We realize that not everything appears the same in construction as it did on paper.  It is also known that people change their mind.  We want to make your project go as smooth as possible and this group is excellent with making changes or adjustments as needed in your project.